Paula LaRocque Book

The Book on Writing —
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well

Marion Street Press, Inc., 2004.

This comprehensive work is meant to be one-stop shopping for any writer.  A consistent and exceptional seller since its publication, The Book on Writing has five stars on and periodically rises to No. 1 in its category in print and Kindle versions.  It has three major sections: 

  • A dozen essential guidelines that work to make any writing accurate, clear, and concise.
  • A primer on successful storytelling – from building suspense to effective description to using literary device and metaphor.
  • A concise handbook on writing mechanics such as grammar, usage, punctuation, and style.

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Excerpts from reviews of The Book on Writing:

“Paula LaRocque understands the way to elegant, artful storytelling is simple, basic, accurate words used sparingly and with purpose.  She demonstrates why clarity, simplicity, and dignity top flabby construction and corpulent descriptives every time.  The Book on Writing is THE book on writing.”

—Bob Giles, Curator
Nieman Foundation for Journalism
Harvard University

“Want to write well?  Then read this book at least once – every few months.”

—Robert Hartwell Fiske, author
The Dictionary of Concise Writing
Paula LaRocque Book

On Words:
Insight Into How Our Words Work — And Don't

Marion Street Press, Inc., 2007.

This little collection of Paula’s print and radio commentaries on the language and the way we use it has appeal for every reader and is especially popular as a gift item.

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Excerpts from reviews of On Words:

“Anyone interested in words – right, wrong, how we use them, and where they came from – will be entertained and inspired by Paula LaRocque’s newest book.”

—Edward VanHorn, Executive Director
Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

“Paula’s essays somehow always seem to be about the possibilities of language rather than the limitations.”

—Sam Baker, Editor/Producer
     KERA 90.1 FM
     National Public Radio

“Once again veteran writing coach Paula LaRocque delivers an insightful, original, and informative work to inspire writers, editors, and lovers of language.  This book belongs on the desk or in the library of every writer and aspiring writer who wishes to communicate gracefully and effectively.”

—Michele Weldon, author
     Writing to Save Your Life

“There’s a discovery on every page.  Students of language will love this entertaining book imbued with etymology.

—David Ledford, Executive Editor
     The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware

“A delightful, spellbinding journey through the wonderful world of words.”

—Janine McBee, Senior Training Director
    Texas Credit Union League
Paula LaRocque Book

Championship Writing:
50 Ways to Improve Your Writing

Marion Street Press, Inc., 2000

The columns in this collection appeared originally in Quill, the Society of Professional Journalists’ magazine, but they provide grist for any writer’s mill.  Although the columns were written largely for media writers, they pertain to all writing.  Their chief assumption – and LaRocque’s – is that good informational writing conveys its message accurately, simply, clearly, and briefly.  In this book as in her others, she shows exactly how to do that.

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Excerpts from reviews of Championship Writing:

“She is Bobby Knight without the chair throwing, Joe Torre without the pinstripes, Red Auerback without the cigar.  Like them, Paula LaRocque can bring out the best in you, and like them, she will tolerate nothing less.  She’s one of the greatest coaches of all time, and the people she coaches are writers.”

—Bruce DeSilva, author
Rogue Island, scheduled for release October 2010.

“Words are our instruments.  LaRocque is their master.  Do you want to be a better writer?  Read this book.  Do you want to be a better editor?  Read this book.  Do you want to win more readers?  Read it and reap.”

—Sharon Burnside
The Toronto Star


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